Here is a picture of the bigRover project I've been playing with for a while.  The chassis i

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Raspberry Pi Mini Rover Using an Xbox Wireless Controller and .Net Core 3.1

How to use Bluetooth, WiFi, and Software for driving a mini rover

Communications Plan

Many how to articles on the internet explain how to light up LED lights using a micro controller such as a Raspberry Pi. That is a fun project. The next step in programming micro controllers might be running a motor, either a stepper motor or a DC motor. Inspiration quickly turns to attaching wheels and a chassis to make a mobile robot. I believe the term, robot, is not really accurate for that kind of project. A "micro controller with wheels" would be more accurate. Since there is a programmable micro controller, it is more similar to a computer guided autonomous rover. Or at least has the potential to be. So, I decided to call this project , mini rover.

Every remote control vehicle needs a good controller. This project uses an Xbox Wireless Controller.

There are tutorial

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