HobiJots.com is Live

Now running on .Net 6

I'm very happy to finally release a stable version of my web app built with .Net 6.  Microsoft today announced the release in the following blog post: Announcing .NET 6 — The Fastest .NET Yet. It was very easy to update all my NuGet package references that were still using preview versions.  There was one additional line of code to remove that I may revisit later.  Otherwise, the update was pretty straightforward.

Now that the site is stable, I can get back to adding features and writing blog posts. :)

Creating a new dotnet webapp

A few things I like to do when starting a new web project using .Net 5

I've been working with .Net Core since the 1.0 release.  A few habits developed in my project structure over time.  It might be possible to build a template to auto-create folder structure with some of these styles.  But I have not delved into doing that just yet.  For now, in this post, I wanted to jot a few of these down.  Maybe someone will find them useful. First up, get the latest .Net 5 SDK and a fresh copy of Visual Studio Code.  Yes, VSCode.  Because for the basic setup, before things get too complicated, you don't need a full Visual Studio IDE. Open up a terminal window in your empty folder for the solution and type: dotnet new.  All the available templates appear.  Note that I'll be using my VSCode terminal set to bash as the default shell. But wait, first things first.  Setup a

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Setup a quick Git repository

How to create a simple Git repository on your local machine

What is Git?

It's a file version control system that helps manage and track changes made to stored files.  Software developers use it primarily. But it can be used to keep track of changes in other scenarios.

Say you have a Word document.  Saving it to disk is a good habit to get into when you are working on a document.  Source control adds another layer of history.  It's like a time machine of sorts.  At the start of the week you can make changes to the document.  Save it and record the changes in Git.  Then make new changes on another day.  After a few days worth of changes stored in source control using Git, you c

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Site upgraded to .Net 5

.Net 5 upgrade complete

Microsoft released .Net 5.0 on Tuesday, November 10th at their .Net Conf 2020 virtual conference.  There were several pre-release versions of .Net 5 that allowed developers to evaluate it and

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Site update on the way

Deploying soon after .Net 5 is released

I've been hard at work on a site update.  It will look better and should have much better response times and readab

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Raspberry Pi Mini Rover Using an Xbox Wireless Controller and .Net Core 3.1

How to use Bluetooth, WiFi, and Software for driving a mini rover

Communications Plan

Many how to articles on the internet explain how to light up LED lights using a micro controller such as a Raspberry Pi. That is a fun project. The next step in programming micro controllers might be running a motor, either a stepper motor or a DC motor. Inspiration quickly turns to attaching wheels and a chassis to make a mobile robot. I believe the term, robot, is not really accurate for that kind of project. A "micro controller with wheels" would be more accurate. Since there is a programmable micro controller, it is more similar to a computer guided autonomous rover. Or at least has the potential to be. So, I decided to call this project , mini rover.

Every remote control vehicle needs a good controller. This project uses an Xbox Wireless Controller.

There are tutorial

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Blog Upgrade in the Works

.Net Core 3 and layout upgrades

Now that .Net Core 3 is finally released (announcement), it's time to upgrade the code for my blog.  It is in the works!

The basic upgrade steps are straightforward and the user interface doesn't need much change.  My time is limited to evenings and weekends and when I'm in the mood.  I may also need to wait for my hosting provider to upgrade.  I will, however, get the upgrade done in the next few weeks (crosses-fingers).