Site update on the way

Deploying soon after .Net 5 is released

I've been hard at work on a site update.  It will look better and should have much better response times and readability.  The code is already migrated from .Net Core 3.1 to the latest preview of .Net 5.  It runs great!  Aside from the cosmetic work, there is a bunch of internal code that has been optimized.  Under the hood there is a package oriented modular architecture.  Base modules include a blog that scales, a Raspberry Pi GPS tracking page (blogging about that later), a timeline for various photo stories, and other miscellaneous administrative stuff.  The next iteration after this deploy will focus on content delivery and maybe a couple of unobtrusive ad banners to help support the annual cost of the site.  Which, by the way, costs less than the least expensive Azure dev/test hosting plan that can be found today.

It's remains a fun project that I'm proud of.  Not only the code but also the dev workflows that are emerging.  I wish I could give details but right now I prefer it being closed source.

Look for the new site in the first weeks of 2021!