Site Upgrade Complete

Upgraded from .Net Core 2.2 to .Net Core 3

Well, this site's upgrade from .Net Core 2.2 to .Net Core 3 is finally complete and as you can see deployed into production.  The layout was changed significantly.  Improvements were made for SEO in the blog post links.  Instead of a blog id number in the link, it is now based entirely on the blog's name.  There can be any number of blogs although I have not tested more than fit on the menu navigation bar.  So far, I set up blogs for my general interests in Music, Astronomy, and Software.  The landing page was improved to show a short listing of most recent posts from all blogs.  The site navigation is much more intuitive given that each blog gets a menu nav.  Categories still exist within each blog but they are not in use right now.  The blog module API still works with OpenLiveWriter as well as MarsEdit.  With those two editors enabled and the web application's built in post editor, that gives potential users of this site/platform a lot of options for creating content.  The design color palette got a little refresh as well.  Although I anticipate spending many more hours improving that and other pages in the admin area for design and usability.  There is much more to build on this platform.

It's time to work on some fresh content!