HobiJots, version 6.29.0, written by Allen Newton.

Thanks for visiting my site. I'm a Senior Software Developer from Portland, OR with 20+ years of experience writing software using Microsoft technologies. My primary focus is web-based line-of-business applications.

Outside of my daytime gainful employment, I have several hobbies. I've played alto and tenor sax at grade school and college levels. As well as for fun in various bands over the years. I still enjoy listening to jazz and other music genres and play once and a while. The experience of growing quickly with a team of musicians and teaching or sharing what I learned with others has been invaluable to me in my career.

Amateur astronomy is a somewhat new endeavor. I'm currently interested in a subset of the field called EAA (or Electonically Assisted Astronomy). Basically, viewing the night sky using computerized telescopes and digital cameras. An expensive hobby but one I hope to enjoy in the years to come.

Software development was a novelty in grade school, a potential but unpursued elective in college. Eventually it turned into a successful professional career. As if I have spare time, I'm also interested in microelectronics and the intersection of software and robotics.