HobiJots, version 6.26.0, written by Allen Newton.

Hello. I'm Allen. Thanks for visiting my site. I'm a Senior Software Developer from Portland, OR with 20 years of experience writing software using Microsoft technologies. My primary focus is web-based line-of-business applications.

Outside of my daytime gainful employment, I have several hobbies. I've played alto and tenor sax at grade school and college levels. As well as for fun in various bands over the years. My remaining goal in music is to work up a set of 50's jazz charts and record them with some professional studio musicians.

Amateur astronomy is a somewhat new endeavor. I'm currently interested in a subset of the field called EAA (or Electonically Assisted Astronomy). Basically, viewing the night sky using computerized telescopes and digital cameras.

Software development was a novelty in grade school, a potential but unpursued elective in college, and eventually turned into a successful professional career. As if I have spare time, I'm also interested in microelectronics and the intersection of software and robotics.