Here is a picture of the bigRover project I've been playing with for a while.  The chassis i

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Now running on .Net 6

I'm very happy to finally release a stable version of my web app built with .Net 6.  Microsoft today announced the release in the following blog post: Announcing .NET 6 — The Fastest .NET Yet. It was very easy to update all my NuGet package references that were still using preview versions.  There was one additional line of code to remove that I may revisit later.  Otherwise, the update was pretty straightforward.

Now that the site is stable, I can get back to adding features and writing blog posts. :)

Update (10/23/2021 @ 2PM PST): .NET Hot Reload Support via CLI


.Net Core, the successor to the .Net Framework, came with the promise that it could be developed on and would run on more than just Windows.  Opening a new door for C# software developers like myself.  Now that door is closing fast.

I have been a software developer using Microsoft tools and frameworks since the days before Visual Studio.  I've used nearly every released version of Visual Studio since it b

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